Entitlement BINGO– What About ME!

If you are reading this blog post you probably know about the fakequity chart. We were worried about being a one-chart wonder so we worked hard to bring you our second chart—Entitlement BINGO. Like the fakequity chart this one makes fun of things said, done, or not done. It is also meant to help us all recognize and call out our privilege and entitlement.

Entitlement BINGO was born out an annoyance of listening to people talk about themselves and feel that equity work should be centered on their needs versus community needs. There are times we may slip into entitlement and privileged positions. The true test is can we recognize and own our privilege, and figure out why we are uncomfortable and feeling the need to take control or prove something. Entitlement BINGO is a way to keep us in check.

Please remember it is a bit of a joke, so don’t really play it and leave it lying around with people’s names on it. Equity work is about building relationships, not making enemies.

Some suggestions on how to use it:

Share your suggestions for comments to put in the squares or how you think it might be used. If we gather enough new material we’ll make a second or third BINGO board.

If you would like a PDF copy please email: fakequity@gmail.com. Click on the picture to see a larger version, double click to read it.

posted by Erin