Meet the Team

Erin Okuno came up with the fakequity chart after getting mad at a meeting and channeled her annoyance into making fun of fake-equity. When not making up charts, Erin can be found working on education advocacy and systems change. Erin is an island girl at heart and likes to eat, but prefers places her non-profit salary can support with meals costing less than $15 per meal.

Guest Contributors and Thought Partners

Carrie Basas, JD. Carrie is our white ally who brings us great posts about ableism and disability justice, and sometimes just funny stuff.

Jondou Chase Chen, PhD, is a storyteller but he disguises himself as an academic researcher. Dr. Jondou studied developmental psychology and now works on equity in education. He came up with the term ‘weaponizing data’ and is currently working on a chart explaining this concept. On a perfect day, he can be found out back splitting firewood and building an outdoor oven for cooking.

By day CiKeithia Pugh works in the early learning field connecting literacy resources to underserved communities. CiKeithia believes Fakequity Fighters should call fakequity in style, and often questions the shoe choices of the rest of us.

Heidi (Schillinger) Sohn runs a consulting firm Equity Matters which provides equity training, consultation, and analysis to government agencies, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Heidi’s brain is uniquely wired to spot fakequity and work to remedy it. Heidi does some of her best fakequity spotting while riding her bike, including riding from Seattle to Portland (202 miles) and Seoul (S Korea) to Busan (633 km or 393 mi). Heidi’s claims to fame include coining the word fakequity.

Honorary Membership

We granted honorary membership to Vu Le because he speaks, writes, and fights fakequity as part of his blog. Vu is pretty great and he makes a fun vegan beer partner.

Contact Information
Erin Okuno — Chief Fakequity Writer
fakequity [@]

5 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Sadia Khan says:

    All of you are AMAZING, I always look forward to Friday’s for the new posts. Thank you for the hard work, I totally acknowledge its taxing and not always easy. But its needed. So THANK YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

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