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Thanks for wandering over to the Support the Blog tab. The Fakequity blog is an unpaid effort and we pay out of pocket to keep the blog’s backend services. We write because there are power in written words and hopefully we convince a few people to cut out the fakequity crap.

Some ways you can support the Fakequity team. In you are interested in having us speak or consult drop an email: We’re also open to doing book reviews, our favorites are children’s books, authors and illustrators of color, and of course books touching on race, culture, and community building. We can’t promise a review of the material on the blog.

If you would like to help fund the webhosting, web maintenance, and late night snacks to keep us writing consider pressing that pill-shaped donate button. Once you donate you’ll have a rare glow and be able to say “I am good lookin’, I look like I supported Fakequity (the blog).”

[EDIT: The PayPal button is broken at the moment. We’re working to fix it. If you would like to make a PayPal or Venmo contribution please email and I’ll send you user names. Thank you!]

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