Charts & Fun Stuff

We have some fun ways to learn and think about racial equity and other components of equity work. This page is a work in progress, so check back every once in a while as we add more material. Feel free to email if you want PDFs of any of these. We enjoy hearing how people are using the material; hint if you like it tell us so we’ll be motivated to do more, if you don’t tell us we’ll get lazy and rest on our fakequity laurels and become one or two hit wonders, fade away like Debbie Gibson and Vanilla Ice and other ’80-90s rock stars, or you can stroke our fakequity egos and we’ll work harder.

Please do not alter the material without asking permission. Fair use granted, please credit fakequity.


entitlement bingo

Download: entitlement-bingo


Download the Fakequity chart, best printed in color on legal or larger size paper: fakiequit5

entitlement bingo Social Justice Version

Download: entitlement bingo Social Justice Version