Guest Poet: You Don’t Even Know Me

We’re excited to share a bonus Fakequity post. Dillon Prevo is our first guest writer and poet, and our first youth writer. Dillon is a middle school student and wrote this as part of a class assignment. Thank you Dillon.

By Dillon Prevo20160907_081149

I’m calm in your class
I listen to the rules
I’m big
I’m mixed
But I don’t look that fit
Music is my thing
Science goes by like a dream
But it doesn’t bother me too much
When I get a B
You know
I’ve been wondering lately
Trying to figure out just how it could be
That you’re around me so often
And still don’t know a thing about me
You see me on TV
Catching a 20 yard TD
Then you change the channel
And you see me there again
I’m a doctor
Helping a sick person
The police say I’m a bad person
But at the same time
My friends think I’m doing something right
When I reach in my pocket
You think I’m grabbing for a knife
But I’m just grabbing for a candy bar at night
I’m wearing big T-shirts
To hide from that one fact
But you still say to me
I’m really not that fat
You know
I’ve been wondering lately
How we’re close knit like scarves
But you don’t know a thing about me
I live right next door to you
We say “hi” all the time
You say you like when I play my drums
But you really want me to hush
I walk down the street with my dog
You think it’s aggressive
Just because I’m black
All it wants is some love
But you shun it
Then turn your back
You’re walking down the street
With your baby in hand
Grip as tight as a python
I’m walking towards you
My phone yells at me
I pick it up
You think I’m gonna hurt you
I think you’re gonna hurt me
But yet,
We pass peacefully
I’ve been wondering lately
Trying to figure out just how it could be
That we’re around each other so often
And still don’t know a thing about me
I’m hanging out at your house
You say
“Yo fam, wanna play some B-Ball”
But I just wanna chill
You’re wanting to get lit
When I just wanna sit
You call me slow as a slug
I think you’re just being a bug
When I’m at practice
You’re telling me I suck
But I’m pretty happy getting on B team
You’re only friendly to me
When we’re alone
You know I’ve been wondering lately
How you are around me so much
But still don’t know a thing about me
Last night I had a dream
That I was flying in the sky
People were waving like I was a king
No one was checking their bags
Gripping their children with their long veiny hands
The sun was smiling at me
The planets, spinning like Frisbees
Spaceships wooshing past me
Tiny planets on my left
Big ones on my right
I see myself in in pre-school
Playing with my blocks
The nostalgia hits me like a soft rock
I see myself in peace sleeping by the teams of geese
I see myself hitting someone
Then getting sad
Because of that one golden rule
Now I’m running
Fast as Usain Bolt
I see myself in the future
Shaking the hand of the crown
I see myself with my son, Will
Wondering how well off Will will be
But now night turns to day
I return to my still body
But just lay
As I wake up
I try to remember
The bright summer day.

Dillon Prevo is an 8th grader at Washington Middle School. He lives with his family and their dog Zoey in south Seattle. When he’s not at school or on the ultimate frisbee field, he enjoys reading and playing video games.