Things I found funny this week — not Kavanaugh

This is the third and final installment of the Kavanaugh confirmation saga. Read CiKeithia‘s look at how white privilege showed up and Carrie’s blog post about disabilities and sexual assault.

We need a funny post after several weeks of serious post. While the confirmation saga wasn’t funny, we have to also poke fun at things as a way to learn and stay up for fighting racism, sexism, and bad stuff.

John Dean warns of unchecked presidential powers if ...

Sen. Cory Booker during the confirmation haring of Judge Kavanaugh.

Things I found funny this week:

1. Joking with a friend I would never be a Supreme Court Justice, bye-bye not-real-dream. More seriously and funnily, the privilege displayed by so many at the highest echelons of government during the confirmation hearings was appalling. White women who voted to confirm Kavanaugh proved once again they let their sisters of color down. White men who peacocked their way through the day proved they can bully their way through life. This is why so many people of color are held in place, if white people can’t get their shitz together how do we have hope they can undo anything to make our lives better?

2. On Indigenous People’s Day someone posted on social media that talking about Indigenous People’s Day oppressed Italian Americans because the very dead Christopher Columbus was Italian. My kid also reminded me Columbus never set foot on North America, so kinda hard to discover something you never really discovered. Let’s not celebrate a brutal colonizer who brought disease, lorded over Indigenous Taino people, and created slave routes. I’m not sure what that Columbus Day party looks like, oh wait it is like an everyday racism party.

In what’s not funny is in a Texas court stripped Native Americans of important adoption laws saying it discriminates against whites (and other non-Native Americans but let’s be clear this is mostly impacting white people) of their rights to adopt. This ruling could “jeopardize decades of legal precedent affecting tribal sovereignty, said Dan Lewerenz and Erin Dougherty Lynch, attorneys with the Native American Rights Fund.” Systemic racism and colonialism continue on, thanks Columbus.

3. Thinking a mathematical formula could solve an equity formula. I’ll write more about this at a later point. This isn’t ha-ha funny, it is sad creepy funny.

4. Back to Kavanaugh. Ehh, nothing funny there to report. Just vacillating between raging sadness and raging annoyance with a white privilege system that protects its own even its own but refuses to protect the rights of Black and Brown people.

5. Asian representation. Two college dudes noticed there was no Asian representation in the posters at their local McDonald’s so they created their own poster to hang on the wall and it stayed there for 51 days. Way to go French fry eating real-life models. What made this even better is it is Down Syndrome awareness month. My friend who has a toddler with Down Syndrome lamented she wishes more children with Ds would be featured in ad campaigns, especially at stores like Target. Maybe in our off-time we’ll create a grassroots campaign of poc disabled babies and get their posters hung in stores. But seriously we do need more poc representation in ad campaigns, especially of pocs with disabilities, LGBTQIA kids of color, and pocs farthest from justice.

6. I laughed at a Tweet from a guy named Brett Kavanagh who said today isn’t a good day to have that name. I realized, yup I’m lucky to not be a white guy who feels entitled to yell, cry, or throw public tantrums in front of Senators and on national TV and radio.

7. Finally, we have less than 10 years to figure out climate change. PoCs are being hit hard. What’s funny, not much. But there is hope, if we as People of Color, turn out to vote we make it that much harder for racist, misogynist, and power trippers to get on the ballot and win public office. Register to vote than vote in this election year.

Good-bye Kavanaugh, it is time to go. Next week we return to our regular fakequity post about everything and nothing, and looks at race and social justice topics.

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