Oppression BINGO

oppression bingo

By Erin Okuno

Oppression BINGO is here. As with our other BINGO boards, these are meant to be taken in jest and as a way to spark conversation, think about how phrases and behaviors show up in meetings, classrooms, or other places.

Some of the phrases in the BINGO boxes are behaviors that cause oppression, others are how oppression manifests itself, and some are beliefs that lead to BIPOCs (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) feeling oppressed. If you are confused by some of the terms or how/why they ended up on the board have a conversation with some trusted woke friends/allies and talk through it — the key here is to talk to trusted friends whom you have a relationship with, not some poc who you want to extract knowledge from.

Above is a jpeg picture of the BINGO card. Since jpegs aren’t screen reader friendly, the terms in the boxes are listed below:

  • When pointed out they are wrong feels the need to justify their stance
  • Says “but I’m [xxx] and faced hardships too.”
  • Believes intersectionality is about inclusion of them
  • Becomes bitter when they feel oppressed
  • Talks over people when they feel oppressed
  • Whitesplains or Mansplains when uncomfortable
  • Becomes defensive when race is brought up
  • Whines or cries to deflect their uncomfortableness
  • “Show me the data” a.k.a. I don’t believe you (oppressive behavior)
  • Feel personally attacked when BIPOC* point out racism
  • I don’t have privilege because… or I’m oppressed because… I face racism too…
  • Claims “reverse racism”
  • Calls themselves Caucasian, because the term white feels oppressive
  • Refuses to acknowledge their white, or other, privileges
  • Wants control, when they don’t have it they claim they are oppressed
  • Refuses to acknowledge others are treated differently because of race
  • Says they don’t see color, they treat everyone the same
  • “My story matters too.” (Form of Oppression Olympics)
  • Believes acting nice towards BIPOC is enough to undo racism
  • Believes power isn’t real or we all have equal power in situations
  • Thinks bias is a sewing term
  • Says they aren’t racist because they have a Black Lives Matter yard sign
  • Watched Black Panther and read about white privilege, so now they are woke
  • Believes they earned their privileges therefore they can’t be oppressing others

*BIPOC — Black, Indigenous, POC (people/person of color)

PDF download of the BINGO card oppression bingo.

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