Interactive — DEI MadLib*

By Carrie Basas, and a little by Erin

Picture of two pandas slumped on the ground. Photo by Pascal Müller on Unsplash

This week we’re taking a break from being uber-serious. Sometimes we need a good laugh and to poke fun at our own work and waywardness. This post came together from sitting through too many long online meetings and reviewing documents and talking about definitions.

*Not an official product of MadLib (disclaimer by the lawyer).

If it’s not a fill-in-the-blank, then what’s the point of learning?

Please complete the following guide on your journey. We would appreciate learning about your path, so please tag us in your completed reflections. Post your completed MadLib to our Facebook page or email them to

Your DEI (not DIE  — please make sure you get this right) Mission Statement

DEI* is a ___ (singular noun) that ___ (plural verb) we are all on a ____ (singular noun). We ___ (verb) from different ____ (noun) and we must ___ (verb) together to _____ (verb)  and _____ (verb). According to or the _______ (substance found in your bathroom) that I just made up alone, DEI means we will __________ (verb showing little action) as a community. Community is defined as ____ (place) _____ (name of favorite band). 

*DEI — Diversity Equity and Inclusion

DEI Action Plan

We can start with a _______ (part of a house) that will help us grow our ________ (noun or body part) and become diverse _____ (small animals or plural noun). As the saying goes, we don’t ______ (singular verb) what we don’t ______ (singular verb). We should push ourselves to become anti-______ (adjective) _______ (plural noun).

One part of becoming a/an _______ (adjective) _______ (noun) is starting to define what diversity, equity, and inclusion are. You might have noticed no one does _____ (verb) and the easiest thing is to not even name what each word is. In part, it is because people are _________ (adjective) when it comes to discussing ________ (social issue of our time beginning with an “r”. Hint: It is not “risk management”). Instead, they want to talk about their commitment to breaking down _____ (farm structure here, plural). If you must name what it is (see, I didn’t name it here!), please be vague because otherwise you might leave out someone. You aren’t being inclusive if you start naming your focus. Stay inclusive by being evasive. It worked for me! I’m pretty culturally _________ (adjective, perhaps showing some disdain or confusion). I even got take-out from _____ (favorite restaurant) as a way to support small businesses. 

When you talk about _______ (social issue of our time) explicitly, you might see that ________ (evil Star Wars character) appears at your ________ (part of house or place of employment). If that happens, please protect yourself by returning to being vague about your intentions. Did you just say race? Consider soothing yourself by watching _______ (smutty TV show here with hot lead or animal cams if you’re in the office) or eating ________ (edible or non-edible substance). Or phone a friend to discuss _________ (large mammals) or recycling. 

I hope that you have enjoyed our brief guide to DEI. Remember, that when we ________ (verb) together, we can all become ________ (action movie character or creature plural). We will see you at our next training. Don’t forget to do the homework; those who finish will get a cookie.

Guest blogger Carrie Basas works in education advocacy and formerly in civil rights law, specializing in disabilities rights. Formerly she was a law professor impressing upon law students the importance of understanding race and its impact on people. Carrie has a MEd in Education Policy, Organizations and Leadership from the University of Washington. She earned a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School and an Honors B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology/Anthropology from Swarthmore College. However, her biggest claim to fame is some of her fashion weekend wear while hanging with her family, tiny dog, and two rabbits.

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