Winter Vibes BINGO

Graphic: Winter night background with snow falling, white snow on the ground, trees and houses with lights on. Red boxes in a five-by-four grid, with white text in them listing activities to do.

It is time for another 2022 BINGO card. Darkness, my old friend, comes earlier so it is a good time to snuggle up and enjoy a different set of activities. This is a choose your own adventure BINGO card, do some, do one or two, go for a line, strive for blackout (full card) BINGO, do as you please.

Since the graphic isn’t screen reader friendly, I’ve listed all the text below with expanded explanations and ideas.

Read or watch a folk tale from an Indigenous culture. If you need suggestions check out How the Oceans Came to be by Arvis Boughman, Lumbee Nation, I read it tonight for the first time. Or another fun one is The Legend of Auntie Po, an Asian re-telling of an American Tall Tales, or for Native Hawaiian tales check out Maui or Pele.

Watch the USGS live stream of Mauna Loa in Hawai’i erupting, it is mesmerizing. Learn more about Hawaiian goodness and legend Pele and why you should respect her power. As a kid growing up in Hawai’i we learned a lot about Hawaiian history and how to respect the interconnectedness of gods and nature.  

Get your flu shot and COVID booster. Please do this to protect yourself and others.

Learn about winter holidays – Kwanza, Solstice, Orthodox Christmas, Hanukah, etc.

Start the New Year clean out early – if you need inspiration check out Marie Kondo’s YouTube channel

Give a Land Acknowledgement, go outdoors and give thanks to the land – Giving Native land acknowledgments at events is something many people do, myself included. To embed this practice more deeply, this winter connect with the land and acknowledge its connection to the First Peoples. Learn about the Native ways in your area and deepen your commitment to being a just relationship with the land and its Indigenous people.

Learn about ableism and how it shows up

Listen to someone talk – like really listen, put down your phone, and tune into them

Reflect on the language you use, is it infused with gender assumptions, ableism, racism?

Share a skill or talent with a neighbor

Do something positive for the environment – skip a trip in the car if you can take a more eco friendly way of traveling, pick up trash, plant a tree, cook a meatless meal, etc.

Reflect on what solidarity through sadness means to you – 2022 we saw the overturn of Roe v Wade, war in Ukraine, smoke storms and hurricanes, and so on. How are you embracing Han?

Read/Watch Latino/Latine, Middle Eastern, POC Creators

Learn about Black Culture

Tell someone thank you

Give a random gift – I listened to the Hidden Brain podcast on gifting. The researcher interviewed spoke about how when gifts are given on a random day (not a holiday or birthday) they are more meaningful to the recipient. While it is the gifting season, give a gift (doesn’t have to be a thing) to someone just because you’re thinking of them.

What are you hopeful for in 2023?

Your Choice – Do Something Fun

Chill and Relax – Resting is important, need some inspiration check out this past blog post or this book (I haven’t read it yet, but I follow the author’s social media and it is on point).

Give thanks to POC Elders and Young People – Thank your elders and honor your young people. Both work hard and we need both to create more justice in 2023.

Why I wrote this: BINGO is fun and to break out of the normal ruts of everyday life. Apologies if you were hoping for a deeper answer.

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