Social Justice Dogs of South Seattle

One of my secret skills is writing bios for friends. Earlier this week a friend challenged me to write a bio for her dog, so I did. I’m taking the idea and running with it for this week’s blog post – this will not be a work of genius, just some doggie fun.

This week I present four Social Justice Dogs of South Seattle – MeiMei, Perigee, Sitka, and Miki. Read their bios to learn more about their stance on race and what they have to offer. These are tongue in cheek bios that are not meant to be taken seriously. These are wonderful dogs who are delightful and a handful. Hopefully you’ll enjoy their social justice not-dating bios.

Meet MeiMei

MeiMei is a poodle-lab mix with a lot of energy. Despite being white MeiMei does not believe in white fragility. When MeiMei senses a white person is about to shed white tears, she will lie down and ignore you. MeiMei will not come over and comfort you, instead, she’ll stare at you and remind you that your fragility around race isn’t about you. MeiMei will demand you pull yourself together. Her endless energy does not allow for wallowing in hurt feelings, she’s all about moving forward, which race work demands of us. Before you think MeiMei is being generous to you, please remember MeiMei is all about her queenly self – give her the attention she deserves and you’ll feel better cause snuggling a dog does help with the emo-feels.

Perigee is Side-Eyeing You

Perigee arrived in Seattle from Hawai’i Island as a rescue. At first, she wasn’t a fan of the Seattle chill – literally and figuratively. Perigee’s best skill is getting people to understand that whatever they are arguing about is not worth the time and energy. Tackling bigger systemic problems is worth the fight. She does this by literally barking and getting people to move along. Once they disengage from their one-on-one arguments, they can begin to see how messed up the entire system is and work to fix that instead of petty arguments.

Perigee is also anti-capitalist and dislikes gentrification. Perigee hates all of the Amazon delivery trucks that stop in the middle of the street to deliver packages. She makes her dislike of Bezo’s blue smiles known by barking very loudly at the trucks. She also is pro-environment, but doesn’t like bicycles since she can’t ride them.

Miki and his true feelings

Miki does not mask his feelings. If he thinks your comment is racist or doesn’t pass his sniff test he’s outta there. As a pointer who likes to sniff and point Miki will sniff out inauthentic people and comments.

Miki has better things to do, like napping, than hanging around racial equity projects that are dull and mediocre. Miki also does not believe in pretension, his prey drive and desire to keep moving are strong. This is very handy if you want to keep a project moving forward and need to drag people or dogs along to work toward racial equity.

Sitka – Everyone Needs a Special Friend

Everyone needs a special friend to help explain race at times. Sitka is here for you as a non-judgmental friend. She’s got you if you’re feeling down and need someone to cry or laugh with as you figure out race. As a golden retriever, she is a people pleaser, but you do have to build a trusting and long-term relationship with Sitka. A pocketful of treats and belly rubs go a long way in relationship-building with Sitka. Remember relationships need to go two ways, you can’t just take from Sitka. Sitka needs something back from you, take this as your hint to build relationships and not just transactions (aka I take without investing in you). Sitka does take fan-mail, please email it to 

I hope you enjoyed meeting these four special dogs.

Why I wrote this: To have fun and I didn’t want to think hard, however it backfired and I ended up staying up just as late to finish it.

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